Serving Tampa Bay

Dallas 1 Corporation. A sign of excellence.

Dallas 1 Corporation maintains a commitment to exellence in all areas of corporate life. This commitment is lived out in our approach to work performed on behalf of our valued customers, our respect of employees, our drive to display integrity in corporate governance and our active participation in our local community.

Beyond these things, though, is a deeply held dedication to respond to the calling God has placed before this company, its owners and its leaders. As a Christian business, Dallas 1 Corporation is steadfast in its pursuit of two key objectives:

  • To glorify God in all things while furthering the gospel of Jesus Christ.
  • To provide superior value combined with an enhanced customer experience.

As a means of extending its ability to achieve these objectives, as well as enhancing the growth of its business, Dallas 1 Corporation is organized into three divisions: Dallas 1 Construction & Development, Dallas 1 Construction Services LLC and Tampa 1 Technology Solutions.