In 2007, after a period of unparalleled blessing and success in our corporate growth, and motivated by a desire to establish other corporate revenue streams, the leadership of Dallas 1 Construction & Development (our previous name) decided to rename the company and restructure it into three divisions. The company was renamed Dallas 1 Corporation, and our branding was modified to reflect the new entities operating under that corporate banner and provide a more contemporary look to our logos.

Along with the change in name came a shift in our organizational structure. The two new divisions, each operating independently but remaining important components of the corporation’s success, are:

Dallas 1 Construction & Development retains the legacy name and business, continuing the work by which we are best known: New construction and renovation of old pipelines. This work has been the core of our company’s business since its founding in 1985. The scope of work performed by this division includes: Construction of infrastructure up to and including asphalt paving; Installation of sewer, storm and water lines; And site work and road preparation. Dallas 1 Construction & Development works mostly in west central Florida; including Hillsborough, Pasco, Polk and Pinellas counties.

Tampa 1 Technology Solutions is a brand new venture for our corporation. Its mission is providing high quality, timely installations of hardware and software systems at companies throughout Tampa Bay. While its initial focus area is the construction industry, this division works with any company requiring upgrades and updates to, or replacement of, existing systems, networks, applications and components.

We are excited about the new opportunities these changes bring to our company. We are also excited about the opportunities for better serving our existing customer base, and establishing new customers in new areas of business.

At Dallas 1 Corporation, our future is both secure and promising.