Resource Center

As a Christian company, Dallas 1 Corporation has carved out a corporate culture outside the norm. This culture is structured and maintained in such a way that it benefits not only those working within the company, but also those entities and people on the outside with whom the company comes in contact.

We invite you to visit the resources listed here. Each offers insight into the culture of a company where “Christian” is more than a descriptive word or philosophy; It is a way of living and working together, striving for excellence in all aspects of life.

Christian Resources

  • The C12 Group of Tampa Bay. The C12 Group is a peer-to-peer executive advocacy and consultancy group that offers Christian Business Owners, CEOs and Presidents solid business strategies and tactics combined with Biblical principles and precepts. C12 operates under the foundational principle that God owns the business; The owner is His steward, charged with ensuring not only profitability and productivity but also effective strategies for impacting the lives of people touched by that business. The Tampa Bay Chapter is C12’s oldest, largest and most active, and Dallas 1 is a long-time member.
  • Faith Tampa Bay. Faith Tampa Bay is a resource website offering individuals and families the opportunity to connect with Christian churches, ministries and businesses throughout our area. This site helps families and individuals find resources, events and encouragement for enabling and empowering victorious Christian living. Dallas 1 Corporation is a founding sponsor of Faith Tampa Bay.
  • Crown Financial Resources. Equipping people worldwide to learn, apply, and teach God’s financial principles so they may know Christ more intimately, be free to serve Him, and help fund the Great Commission.
  • Christian Legacy Foundation. The Christian Legacy Foundation (CLF) offers effective financial counsel and inventive ways of giving to families, individuals, ministries, churches and others. Operating under the banner of “Smart Christian Giving,” and affiliated with the National Christian Foundation, CLF has helped provide more than $1 billion in grant monies to over 15,000 churches and ministries worldwide since 1982.
  • Corporate Chaplains of America. Founded in 1996, Corporate Chaplains of America (CCA) looks to provide “caring in the workplace.” CCA provides this compassionate care through its team of long-time career chaplains, many of whom combine corporate experience with training in the chaplaincy. Let’s face facts: The pressures in the workplace are many and can at times be unrelenting. Corporate chaplains provide counsel and encouragement, as well as spiritual instruction and guidance, throughout the workday. Work is tough. At Dallas 1 Corporation, Chaplain Ken Atkinson is there to make sure that every Dallas 1 employee knows that God is with him or her in the workplace. It doesn’t necessarily make work easier, but it does make the load lighter.

Tampa Bay Sports

Tampa Bay is home to several professional sports teams, and many Dallas 1 Corporation employees are fervent fans. Chief among the teams they follow are: